Friday, June 25, 2010

Lin Chi-Ling to take acting classes after dismal performance in "Moon Lovers"

Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chiling expressed her disappointment over the dismal ratings of her Japanese drama serial "Moon Lovers" and revealed that she hopes to take some acting classes next year, reported Chinese media.
Speaking to reporters while attending the high-profile Royal Ascot horse races in the UK, Lin was evasive and said, "Could we not talk about the ratings (of "Moon Lovers")? Frankly, I am a little depressed at the moment."
"I want to take this chance to take in as much air as I can. This can be considered a short break!" Lin added.
"Moon Lovers", despite starring Japanese superstar Kimura Takuya and other well-known actresses like Kitagawa Keiko and Shinohara Ryoko, managing only 13.4% in ratings. Its average ratings also lost out to other J-dramas this season.
The drama's producer, Fuji RV, was reportedly so disappointed that it intends to cut short the show's run to eight episodes instead of the usual ten for a drama in the 9pm time slot, with its finale scheduled to air on July 5 in Japan.
Many netizens had blamed the drama's poor ratings on a bad script and Lin's acting. Despite this setback, Lin said she "will improve in the areas I am weak in and satisfy everyone".
The 35-year-old went on to reveal that she hopes to make time for acting classes at the beginning of next year. (CNA)

The viewership ratings for "Moon Lovers" has been decreasing steadily, as shown below:

Episode 01: 22.4%

Episode 02: 19.2%
Episode 03: 15.6%
Episode 04: 15.5%
Episode 05: 17.4%
Episode 06: 13.4%

Average: 17.3%, and the ratings look set to drop further.

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