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Rubbishy article about how Eita might lose his job

I came across this article on awarmatheydidnt. This is the exact article, save for some editing done by me:

Eita (27) and Kimura Kaela (25) are going to get married soon. They were first spotted going out together last year September and started living together earlier this year. Kaela is now 5 months pregnant.

Of course there are few opinions saying "congratulation" and all, but the one that is really in danger now is : job

Kaera has many girl fans, and since she has an extravagant image, she most likely goes like Tsuchiya Anna, who became a "Mama Talent"

But for Eita's case it won't go like that. It will most likely go just like Mizushima Hiro who started losing his job after shockily announced his marriage with Ayaka Iida in April 2009.

Even with the reason of wanted to accompany Ayaka with her Graves' disease treatment, which resulted in some people praising Mizushima as a gentleman, still the real voice of Mizushima fans was only one: shock

After he got married, there were lots of people who stopped being his fans.

As well as Eita, whose fans is mostly those girls around 20's, he's probably will have the same experince

For example, Mizushima Hiro was rumored to get the starring role on this July "Getsu-9 dorama, but eventually it was Matsumoto Jun from Arashi who landed the role. The number of job offers Hiro is getting is decreasing.

Eita is currently appearing on Sunao ni narenakute from Fuji TV, but his next job is still undecided.

He's currently have 4 commercials right now, but the target of those CMs is also young women. He's in danger now.
Oki Naomi, who owns the blog ikemen-hyoronka (ikemen commentator) and who is going to organize an event held at 13th this month called ii-otoko-matsuri, says that women who are fans to ikemen and or guys idol have a severe way of thinking, they worship their idol and give support as much as possible. On the other hand once their idol get married, they would take them as a traitor.

They have the feeling that because they had been supporting their idol even when they weren't that popular, and have already spent some amount of money, they would get jealous easily.
Now for some case it is ok for Johnny's boys to have a relationship, but Eita and Mizushima had those single images on them since the very beginning, so a marriage would give a negative effect.

Eita should start preparing himself. (aramatheydidnt)

Rubbish!!! I felt so confused when I read the article. Okay, I know very little about Eita, but what was that big chunk of ranting about Mizushima Hiro about?!?!

1. "After he got married, there were lots of people who stopped being his fans."
NO! Even though many people were surprised by their sudden marriage and yes at first there were many who thought it was a shotgun marriage, I didn't see any posts about people saying "Oh yucks why Ayaka" or "How can Hiro-sama get married nooooo" or that kind of thing.  Their marriage was pretty sudden and a few voiced doubts on how long it would last, but most people felt happy for them and even wished them luck. Many were impressed at how Hiro wanted to take care of Ayaka. I have even come across people who say that they are fans of Hiro because he chose to support Ayaka okay!

2. "The number of job offers Hiro is getting is decreasing."
That's because he's trying to spend more time with Ayaka!

3. "Eita and Mizushima had those single images on them since the very beginning, so a marriage would give a negative effect."
What on earth is a 'single image'?!

4. Many, many MANY actors are married and still have loads of fans. Prime example: Kimura Takuya, who even has two daughters.

5. I can think of 53409862673 other reasons but I'm not gonna list them all out. Honestly, there are few hard-core fangirls that will really stop supporting their idol just because of marriage. They might scream and protest and shriek all they want, but they get over it after a while. If you're that hard-core, your idol getting married wouldn't shake you off liking him, no?

6. Read the comments at aramatheydidnt itself.

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