Friday, June 25, 2010

High viewership for Japan - Denmark World Cup match

From the viewership ratings, it seems that many Japanese are taking a keen interest in the World Cup and the fate of their team, Blue Samurai. The Japan - Denmark game was aired early this morning on NTV network, and ended with Japan winning Denmark 3-1, allowing Japan to advance to the next round. This is the first time Japan has done so on foreign soil.

Anyway, the average viewership rating for the match was 30.5% and 27.4% in the Kanto and Kansai districts respectively. Viewership peaked just before 0500, with a 41.3% viewership in Kanto and 35.9% in Kansai. (nikkansports)

Zzzz... I'm sorry if I haven't been posting much news recently, but all the Japanese entertainment sites seem to be full of articles about the World Cup, or W 杯 as they call it.

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