Monday, April 26, 2010

I've been in love with Liz Lisa and I've never realised it till now

I saw the label Liz Lisa in a Hong Kong department store, and I remember seeing the salesgirls and the clothes and thinking,"Oh god, this is exactly the type of store I've been looking for!". Unfortunately, my mum wasn't didn't think the clothes were nice (we obviously have very differing tastes) and hence wasn't willing to shell out so much. At that time, I didn't even realise it was a Japanese label (I didn't even remember the brand name), I just thought that it had a very country-style, sweet lolita, kawaii feel to it. And lo and behold, I found some pictures that I loved on the internet and realised that it was from the same brand... LIZ LISA! Check out their site here.

I love the blouse of the girl on the right!

I like her boots, dress, hair ribbon, Starbucks coffee... Everything!

And I like how she looks so light and breezy here.

If Singapore weren't so hot and humid and I wouldn't get too many stares from my narrow-minded fellow countrymen (no, even that is worth it), I'd save up like crazy to buy Liz Lisa. But they aren't in Singapore! Probably realised that no one, no, only one person, me, would buy their stuff. Actually I just did some rethinking and it's actually quite practical to wear in Singapore. I mean, it's not even thick or all long-sleeved or anything, SO WTF IS WRONG WITH SINGAPOREANS' DRESSING SUCH THAT WE CAN'T EMBRACE SUCH PRETTY CLOTHES?!?! I need to learn to stop dissing my country, seriously.


  1. Hi gal, just saw your blog in I do agree your point and I love Liz Lisa too, when I was reading Popteens, Mina and Vivi. I support you!~

  2. Haha, it's nice to hear from a fellow Singaporean! I love reading Japanese fashion magazines too! :D

  3. yo~ :> there are many people in SG who wear these types of clothing.. perhaps you dont see them much but you aren't the only one! if you like it, just wear it!

  4. agree with the anonymous person above |D just wear it if you like it. You might get stares -from me too LOL-, but it'll be positive because I'd probably be thinking "aww I like those too 8D"

    you aren't the only one~ \o/


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