Monday, April 19, 2010

Please, talk to me!

Hi everyone, pleasepleasePLEASE talk to me, either through formspring/tagboard/comments/email I WILL REPLY even though I hve loads of schoolwork I just love typing out long replies so I will throw aside whatever work I have in order to reply. :))
how are you ??I love you :)I am from saudi arabia
I love you too! ^_^ I don't know why you love me but aww it doesn't matter. I'm from (hot and humid) Singapore, and I'm doing okay but not too well, what with exams, homework and what not. I promise I'll update more over the weekend/ when I have time!
PS(to you and everyone else): Who is/are your favourite idols and why? HAHAHA IT CAN BE JUST 'CUZ THEY'RE HOT AND KAWAII LIKE MATSUJUN.

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