Saturday, February 6, 2010

Measuring Tape Toilet Paper - Productive toilet time!

Measuring Tape Toilet Paper was designed for those so obsessed with weight loss they can't resist monitoring their measurements at every bathroom break. Not happy with the results? Simply flush and the incriminating evidence is banished to where the sun don't shine: your local city sewer system.

But wait, there's more! Not wanting to "waste" all that blank space alongside the metric tape measure, the manufacturer has printed a full range of exercises Biggest Loser rejects (and you) can do without leaving the toilet seat.
A type of toilet paper that has just been launched comes with printed measurements as well as various illustrations with instructions in pale blue ink that demonstrate how you can do exercises while on the porcelain throne, from stretches to toe touches. The Measuring Tape Toilet Paper is printed with a measurements in centimeters that you can use to do a quick gut check while no one else is looking, and then dispose of the evidence of your metabo problems. It takes losing weight in the bathroom to a whole new level!

The toilet paper aims to make your time more productive and healthy by encouraging exercise and helping you keep tabs on your results.

While this is clearly a novelty of sorts, toilet paper in general is a blank slate just waiting for a creative, value-added innovation. Brands certainly don’t like the idea of being defiled, but there are plenty of other ways to use this ubiquitous and personal medium.

Each roll of Measuring Tape Toilet Paper weighs 130g (about 4.5 ounces) and unrolls to a total length of 30 meters or 98.5 feet. It's made in Japan from 100% recycled paper - recycled from WHAT, they don't say.

Get yours for just 92 yen (about USD$1) per roll from Rakuten, who will take your order online and even gift wrap your purchase for free. (Japan Trends, Inventor Spot)

Haha, I think this is awfully cute! \"_"/!

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