Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm not the only one here who carries umbrellas

I snapped this today (too shy to ask the boy to pose for a photo so had to do so secretly!). I was quite happy to see this li'l boy carrying an umbrella all by himself, because few Singaporean youngsters, let alone boys, carry umbrellas when the sun is out. I get quite annoyed when people call those who carry umbrellas to block out the sun "aunty", "kiasu", etc, especially those who complain that they want to be fairer. I mean, if the umbrella is blocking their view or taking up too much space, I can understand, but if it's not affecting you, can you please stop going on and on about it? Carrying an umbrella is a good way to block yourself from the sun's harmful UV rays, especially in hot and annoyingly humid Singapore. It also helps you feel cooler and will prevent you from getting sunburnt!

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