Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hong Kong

I'm going to Hong Kong soon. :) Hehe I'm excited as I said I'd love to live in an Asian city that isn't Singapore and HK is one of them! I know HKers tend to be rushing all the time and their apartments are god-awful small, I know someone who was so proud that his apartment was the size of the master bedroom in my house, but I love the atmosphere. The weather's lovely too, cold, but you can always rush into the nearest shopping centre if it gets too chilly. And the shopping! I love spending endless hours in thenight markets and street shopping, hahaha it's awesome! Though many people think Hong Kong staff provide great service, I often feel rather intimidated by them. I'm not sure why but my preferred level of service is that the salesperson replies nicely and professionally when I ask them a question, I don't really like it when I walk into a shop and the staff all shout "WELCOME!", or when I'm browsing and the salesperson starts "stalking" me.

Okay, actually the 'soon' in I'm going to HK soon is about a month away, and I might be going to watch the movie "Valentine's Day" this week!

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