Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heh, I've reserved my magazine at Kinokuniya!

I'm so tired after sleeping at 1130 and waking up at 0600 for the past 3days. :/ It's amazing how much news I can miss out in 2days of not using the computer.

I'm glad to say that I've successfully weaned myself off Japanese dramas! Well, actually I've been trying to do so since the start of July, but I really didn't have the resolve to do so. I started with spacing out one drama per week (usually it's one drama in two days!) and then after that I decided to stop watching any new dramas. I rewatched some dramas instead, like Mei-chan no Shitsuji and Hana Kimi. Mizushima Hiro is so hot! But I stopped halfway through Hana Kimi because I really had too much work and the drama was taking forever to load. The last time I watched any Japanese drama was over a week ago, which is quite an achievement for me!

On Monday, one of my lecturers played Yamapi's "One in a Million" PV out in the lecture hall! I was really happy and smiled throughout the video, though 99% of the students attending the lecture had no idea as to who Yamapi was, as their mushy brains have been taken over by the Korean wave. The lecturer even had to explain who Yamapi was (her explaination wasn't very accurate though, I wanted to raise my hand and corrct her SO BADLY, but I'm a closet fangirl). I'm now terribly addicted to the song! :DD

Just today, I called Kinokuniya to check if they have the copy of non-no that I want, and I was quite impressed by the service! ^^ I called the Liang Court outlet and the girl there was pleasant and helpful. When I enquired about the stock at the Takashimaya branch, she offered to check and call me back. And when she called me back, she told me that she had already placed a reservation at the Taka outlet for me. :O Mad helpful! I find it much easier to just call any outlet than than their main directory system.

For Singaporeans who enjoy reading Japanese magazines, I strongly recommend this site! It's great for letting you decide which magazines to spend your precious money on. I'm thinking of getting this magazine that comes with this tote bag as a freebie...
 But $22.40? The price is pretty steep for a student like me!

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