Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just my thoughts for now...

Hello everyone, I'm feeling pretty solemn after reading the article on Goto Maki's life. This sort of thing always makes me feel emotional and thoughtful. (I was already in an emotional-and-thoughtful mood before that, though) Recently, my classmate's mother passed away. I will not say when and who etc because I don't want to reveal my identity on this blog. I felt very bad for her but I have not visited her/ contacted her, mainly because we are not close and I am not the sociable/kind-hearted sort who will try to cheer you up or look for you. It would be too awkward. But for some reason I felt really uneasy about this for the first few days. I was way more affected by this than my grandmother and great-grandmother's death, which happened within 2weeks of each other. All this even though I don't know the person who passed away personally. Well, I wish her family good luck and I hope they will be okay.

It is quite late now since I have school tomorrow. This was supposed to be a quick post, but as usual... It was raining very heavily just now but it has stopped. I'm quite happy about that because I prefer it to rain after I fall asleep. (but like most people, I like rain and sleep together) Anyway, I realised that I want to be a good student. I want to study hard and do well in my O levels. So I will try to cut down on the time I waste. Don't worry, this blog will not be shut down! I am just going to control myself more in terms of the time I spend surfing the internet.

The things that I want to blog about in the coming week, besides the usual news.

  1. Candy Sugar school bag that I bought from an online blogshop

  2. The outfit I wore today (I've already taken photos ^^)
I will add the links to this list when I blog about them. (I know there's only two things in the list!) Oh, some readers might have realised that the news I've been posting recently is mostly copied from other English websites, and less and less from Japanese sites. I apologise for that. I have no time to check Sanspo and nikkansports for articles, so I just take the articles I think you might be interested in. Still, there are some articles translated from Japanese, like the recent Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko one. I think the number of readers might have suffered because of that. I will buck up after my exams! I think I have about 15(?) readers a day.

Akanishi Jin leaving KAT-TUN. I am not surprised at all, honestly. I miss him and Kame together, but sometimes I feel that the two of them only act so close because they are encouraged to do so by Johnny's Entertainment. Still, I'd like to believe that they are casual friends. And other KAT-TUN members can step up when Jin is not around, it won't just be the two of them taking centre stage.

What I plan to do in the following week:

  1. Collect my Fancy Pocket online order

  2. Buy a bagpack for school

  3. Go to Kinokuniya to buy magazines
The magazine which I want to buy is non-no. I read on this blog here that this issue comes with a cute freebie!

I want it! :) Plus I saw the photo of the magazine, and there is the kanji word for Arashi, printed really big, at the side! Anyway, I like to read non-no, even though I can't read Japanese (yet).

That's all for now. Good night, everyone. Thanks for reading my blog.

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